NMS USA LLC, partnering with Native Merchant Services, offers credit card processing and continuity solutions to businesses of all sizes in all industries. We use the most advanced payment technologies and the latest in cybersecurity software to protect your most sensitive customer information. We also provide solution-driven customer service that gives you the answers you need quickly, so you can get back to doing what you do best: growing your business.

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Our Services

  • Native Merchant Services offers more than credit card processing. We also provide:
  • Best-in-class payment technologies such as Clover POS, PIN pads, mobile and wireless, telephone and countertop processing solutions
  • Online credit card processing with secure hosted pay and in-website services
  • Same day funding, and access to business loans and merchant cash advances
  • A free terminal when you charge more than $10,000 per month via credit cards
  • Accurate and fast credit card scanning and processing
  • Powerful analytics that help you identify emerging trends
  • TransArmor cybersecurity that protects your customers and your reputation
  • A generous Merchant Rewards Program that lets you reap the benefits of taking credit cards
  • Industry guides that reveal the best practices of other companies